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Fear and Reality


Fear and Reality

On darkened nights when trees are bare
And branch like arms hold owls that stare
That hoots an eerie woodland sound
An echoing shrill to all around

And foxes screech in brambles deep
To wake up all from slumber sleep
And bring a fear within a mind
Of ghostly images of a kind

And shadows cast will bring some fear
Together with strange things we hear
And small light orbs will bring a chill
Upon a wall in a room so still

With sounds of footsteps on a floor
Followed by the creaking of an opening door
And tapping sounds on a window pane
Sometimes caused by driving rain

And images of transparent kinds
That conjures fear within your mind
And leaves your body comatose
A fearsome feeling when it shows

And graveyards cast the darkest shroud
At night each sound will sound aloud
Like breezes blowing with silent ease
Causing fluttering sounds within the trees

But in truth its minds that make things real
Imagination enhances all that we feel
And break of day will throw new light
On all those things we feared at night

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