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Dublin Band, The Lee Harveys, Release Gun City Album

The Lee Harveys

If someone said to me this time last year that in less than 12 months I would be listening to rap and punk music I would have laughed at them, but today I smile with content whilst listening to ‘Gun City’, the 1st offering from the Dublin based trio, The Lee Harvey’s. Last year I heard a rough version of this CD and I thought it to be brilliant. There was some great tunes on it. So in February of this year, Gerry the guitarist and singer gave me a studio copy. I was blown away again. This is Lee Harvey’s 1st offering to us and it didn’t fail me. It floored me!

The three band members are Gerry (aka Bitzy)  Paul on drums, and Stanto who gives us the bass and vocals, and they are all from Dublin. This is an album the way an album should be. I has 14 decent tunes. ‘Bright Light’ is a favorite of mine as with ‘Here Comes The Cops’. I found the latter to be a very catchy tune and am now starting to replay it loud in the car. It’s like the disc is stuck on track 7, it really is a great tune.

The Lee Harvey’s are all from the North Of Dublin and they are a punk Group. Gun City was actually my intro to the Punk scene, but if this is their first offering, I can only imagine what their future albums will be like. And they are gigging regularly too to promote this album. They started it off in Belfast and have gotten fairly good audiences.

As I said before, it can be very hard to crack the UK music scene unless you are very well known. The Lee Harvey’s are not at that stage yet, but between you and me I would definitly say they will become better known when Gun City starts being played mopre widely. If Gun City is their 1st CD, what does the future have in store for us – the new fans?

The group also recently played a Gig in Whelan’s bar, here in Dublin, and that went very well. Whelan’s tend to have no cover charge so they do get a good crowd in, and decent groups to play. The band will also be going back up to Belfast soon. If you would like more info you can go directly on to their web site by clicking here.

Gun City is selling quite well in Tower records and on Itunes, and believe me it’s a decent album and it deserves to get them some media attention. All the lads are from the north of Dublin and it’s great to see people from Dublin or anywhere in Ireland come together, do work, and then give us a product for us to keep. If you want to buy your partner a CD for their birthday, or whatever the special occasion, and they like punk or any style of music, they will not be disappointed with Gun City. It will deliver and your partner will be chuffed as I was and still am.

Gun City is available from Tower Records, or on Itunes. You can find out more about the band here, and on facebook too.

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