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David Bowie a final trip for The Starman


David Bowie a final trip for The Starman 14th January 2016 by/Tony Gorman

Ground control to Major Tom
David was here but now he’s gone
He took his leave upon our planet
To be immortalised in clay and granite

In the earth he will remain
A hidden illness was to blame
On a tombstone they’ll scribed his name
And Ziggy Stardust’s claim to fame

Above it all his soul will rise
Past the dark and turbulent skies
On his journey out in space
With a coloured zig zag on his face

As our Starman took his leave
Not intending us to grieve
He kept his illness to the last
Leaving memories of his past

So ground control to Major Tom
We all miss him now he’s gone
Ziggy Stardust lies in rest
Hands held high across his breast

Now his journey to the stars
Flies past Jupiter and Mars
Past the Sun and past the Moon
As heaven knows he’s coming soon

The red carpet‘s laid down just for him
God he waits with a welcome grin
For he knows David’s gig is on
Predestined here by Major Tom

So ground control your job is through
For David has left his song’s for you
His life here was not in vain
Knowing all his music will remain

4 Responses

  1. Nice one Tony. Enjoyed that.

  2. Tony Gorman says:

    Escaping the Grim Reaper 18th January 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    My time it had been borrowed
    From the clock upon the wall
    Its pendulums just ticked away
    As my life heard death’s loud call

    Every day the clock ticked louder
    To help my life extend
    As the minutes turned to hours
    Its face became my friend

    And days turned into months
    And the months turned into years
    And my life became more confident
    Eradicating all my fears

    As my cancer now is dormant
    As I listen to a chime
    From the clock that hangs upon my wall
    And ticks away its time

    I have written this poem hoping it will help all of those people diagnosed with cancer and hope and pray that like me they can beat it.
    In 2008 I lost my beloved wife Geraldine to cancer and was diagnosed myself in 2009 with leukemia.
    It was then when I was having Chemotherapy that I started writing my poems and here I am today still writing them.
    I guess writing deflected the worries of having cancer and helped me relax throughout my treatment.
    My advice is never give up in life and like me you will see it through.
    Stay strong and remember you are important as a Mother/Father/Daughter/Son or Grandchild and with the help of those you love and your friends YOU CAN BEAT CANCER.

  3. Admin says:

    Tony I’m very sorry to hear your story, and my sympathies for the loss of your wife.

    Your message however, is a positive one, you turned something that was huge negative into a massive positive,
    your contributions here bring personal delight along with the office, we always look forward to your poems.

    Our readership also, always, without fail, spikes when one is posted. We are very grateful. This poem (indeed all of them) is an important message to all those who have similarly suffer. You Can Beat cancer!

  4. Tony Gorman says:

    Many thanks to FRG for giving me a chance to at least try to help others by relating to all those poor souls who have been diagnosed with cancer and are scared by the magnitude of the word.
    Sometimes it can ease a person’s mind to read of those who survive as I did.
    My poem is how I felt as each day passed until I got to the last day of chemo.
    I hope there are many more that will follow in my footsteps and can look at my poem and say the
    Poem is their story too.
    Many Thanks to all at FRG for allowing me to express myself on the site.


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