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Cupid’s Entrapment/Endless Love


Cupid’s Entrapment/Endless Love 

What beauty can a life behold?
That can suppress a ladies shape
Those curves of softened flesh unfold
As luscious as a seedless grape

Those lips of red like ageless wine
To grace a mouth so kissable
When parted show a radiant smile
Pray a kiss may be permissible

Voluptuous in every way
Aroused by just being near
Coaxing loving words to say
Excited by the words she’ll hear

And into night a beating heart
As skin to skin will gently touch
Never wanting to be torn apart
Our holding back can be too much

As true feeling they will surely tell
And reach the heights of no return
As rampant bodies grind and gel
And fires inside will churn and burn

And seeds of life will flow so free
As motion rhythms will reach its height
And shudder’s lastingly as by decree
Into the lovingness of night

And sleep with loving arms entwined
Protective of the one we hold
As whispered loving words we find
A cast of love within a mould

And raptures of that very night
Will be with us within our heart
And bind us to a love so right
That entwines us so we’ll never part

As its Valentine’s Day this weekend I felt I needed to write a poem for all our romantics who look in at the site.
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Norma Hills says:

    Hi Tony
    Another beautiful poem.
    I wish I had someone like you to write poetry for me.
    I was lucky to get a card this year.
    Keep up your writing you keep everyone that reads your poems very happy.
    xx Norma

  2. Tony Gorman says:

    And God Created Spring 24th February 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    It was a cold January day and the frost it glistened all around
    The cows were in the barn with the straw strewn on the ground
    And outside a cheerful chirp of a robin in a tree
    To tell all that winters here for everyone to see

    Then February came and the rain it came as well
    A deluge causing flooding from the rivers rising swell
    And it soaked across the land causing havoc everywhere
    As the river’s burst their banks leaving people in despair

    But in March the scene it changed as the sun came out on high
    Drying up all soggy fields to show that winters passing by
    And the bees they buzzed about and the birds began to sing
    And all hearts were filled with joy at the first signs seen of spring

    Was it springtime that god created man and all the things on earth?
    It had to be around this time to be the season of life’s birth
    For the birds they build their nests and the bees come out to fly
    And the little lambs are born and we never wonder why

    “The Way it was”
    As God looked down at the earth and wondered what to do
    And set aside a time when loving feelings feel so true
    He energised the months of March to May for nature to induce
    The feelings in all little minds that in spring they should produce

    And the seeds were promptly planted as the winter turned to spring
    And the birds they started mating and their songs made woodland’s ring
    And the bees they started buzzing as their queen woke from her sleep
    And the ram he looked amorous as he mingled with the sheep

    And the little sprigs of flower stems push up gently from the soil
    And the birds they started nesting, weaving twigs into a coil
    And the eggs they graced their nesting place in a hedgerow or a tree
    And the margins down below is where the crocus grow free

    And the small lambs started leaping and the chicks they peck the ground
    And the farmer he is happy knowing that finally springs around
    And God will look from heaven knowing all is right on earth
    And he’ll be glad he picked the months of spring as the time for giving birth

    I love all seasons but I especially love Spring.

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