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Contemporary Christmas Comedies

Contemporary Christmas Comedies

Let’s face it, 2020 has been an awful year. But Christmas is just around the corner. Although things will be a little different this year it’s still a time for family, feasts, presents, warm fires, hot chocolates and of course Christmas films. Being stuck at home so much this year has meant watching more films than ever, especially comedies because quite frankly we have all needed a good laugh to get through this annus horribilis. Here are a few Christmassy comedies that you might want to watch over the festive period.

The Night Before (2015)

Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie star in this R rated seasonal comedy. Going out on Christmas eve has become a tradition for lifelong friends Isaac, Ethan and Chris. Now in their 30’s and with grown up responsibilities the annual get-together must come to an end. For their final year they decide to make it a memorable night of drunken debauchery as they go in search of the ultimate party, The Nutcracka Ball. Not one for the whole family but if you are a fan of Seth Rogan’s other movies, this is definitely worth checking out.


Last Christmas (2019)

If it’s a festive romcom that you’re looking for then look no further. Aspiring singer Kate works as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop in London. Her life hasn’t exactly gone to plan but a chance meeting with a mysterious stranger soon helps her get things going in the right direction. The film relies entirely on the charisma and chemistry of its leads but thankfully both Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding have got them in abundance. It may have gotten poor reviews upon release for being a bit cheesy and cliché, but isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for in a romcom?


Office Christmas Party (2016)

Missing your office party this year? It’s not really the same over zoom, is it? Well fear not, Office Christmas Party has you covered. In an effort to save the Chicago branch of Zenotek, branch manager Clay throws an epic party in an attempt to land a massive new client. A huge ensemble cast, including Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn and Jennifer Aniston, oversee the festivities as things quickly get out of hand. It has all of the usual Christmas party elements, alcohol, loud music, fighting, broken office equipment and of course a large amount of cocaine being accidently fed through a snow machine.


Noelle (2019)

A family friendly Disney Christmas film. The North Pole is in a panic. Nick Kringle is due to take over the role of Santa but he gets cold feet and disappears just days before Christmas. It’s up to his lovable but naive sister, played by the wonderful Anna Kendrick, to find him, bring him home and save the festive season. And if that isn’t enough to put a Christmassy twinkle in your eye, wait till you see Snowcone the baby reindeer.


Why Him? (2016)

Family gatherings are never easy at this time of year. But what if you were meeting your daughter’s boyfriend for the first time? And what if he was an incredibly eccentric Silicon Valley millionaire? That’s the problem Bryan Cranston’s character, Ned Fleming, faces as he spends the holiday season with his daughter’s new beau. It’s the age-old struggle between the overprotective father and the eager to please young man, played by the ever increasingly enigmatic James Franco. While the film does rely on crass visual gags and cheap laughs, it still carries the usual seasonal cheer that we’ve all come to expect from festive flicks.

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