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Children of War 18th August 2016

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It was so sad to see that little child being pulled from the rubble in Aleppo. The poor little lad was so lost with his blood stained face and a stare that seemed to ask “What did I do”
It was heart-breaking seeing him sitting in the ambulance with nobody to cuddle him to reinsure him that he was going to be alright.
How can mankind live with themselves when they cause such atrocities.
My poem reflects how I felt after seeing this poor little child.

Children of War 18th August 2016

While adults seek their glories it’s children who suffer the most
They walk their paths of innocents in the wars creating ghosts
For their young lives they are haunted by the images that they see
Of bombing and killing and massacres of families as they flee

The once safe ground where they played on is cratered now by war
And their family home decimated to a shell without a core
And the belongings that once they had are not there anymore
The teddy bear they cuddled is now legless, ripped and tore

And some children they are orphaned with no one to hold them tight
When trembling from the sound of war as they try to sleep at night
Their bodies thin from lack of food and eyes that blankly stare
Mixed up by fear in their tiny minds and lost from all that care

As they follow groups with begging eyes for someone to be there
To treat them like the child they are and give them love and care
For its war that made them homeless and vagrants to be abused
By evil men with weapons, now they’ve nothing else to lose

What is it that makes mankind act in such a horrendous way?
They never think when starting wars that it’s children that they slay
And those that survive are scarred for life by everything they see
They’ve lost their little childhood ways of how it used to be

They sit and hope a day will come when their nightmare disappears
And their life can be like a normal child with no more tears or fears
And their country will be free again and all the wars on earth will cease
And home can be a happy place to live their life in peace

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Welcome to the fall 4th September 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    Hallow be to all we see
    As autumn comes our way
    When evenings they grow shorter
    To cloak the light of day
    When ripened fruit will bow the branch
    And winds will make them fall
    And fields of gold are sowed again
    Where once it grew so tall

    And migrant birds have left our shores
    Before our winters chill
    And trees bear colours to their leaves
    Like a technicolour frill
    Of orange, yellows, brown’s, and reds
    Mingling among the greens
    A merge of colours fluttering in the sun
    Creating artful dreams

    And the ripened berries plucked
    To grace our table needs
    And those that rot upon the ground
    Will sow as next year’s seeds
    And the wind will have a cooler breath
    As it blows upon the earth
    And the falling leaves will fertilise
    To revitalise new birth

    For in autumn it prepares the way
    For the new growth in the spring
    Putting seeds in hibernation
    In advance of what winter brings
    For the harvests are all gathered
    Providing food for all
    And this procedure will repeat each year
    When the autumn leaves will fall

  2. Admin says:

    The year is flying in! Thanks Tony, we’re still adjusting to end of summer. Wonderful poem

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