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An Artists Gift


An Artists Gift

In nature’s way of creating art
At dawn it makes an early start
It merges dark clouds with the bright
And streaks the sky with pinks and white
And in the meadows a softened mist
Leaves dew drops on the plants it kissed
And when the sun it starts to show
It’s like an orb with its radiant glow
And as it spreads out all its light
It chases darkness out of sight
Creating shadows like an artist’s touch
An outline shade but not too much
And blended colours of assortments glow
On canvases where the flowers will show
And trees with leaves of vibrant green
Are captivating just as seen
With fields of gold filled with harvest grains
And hedges margining country lanes
And reflections in rivers of clouds above
An inspiring scene of nature’s love
And into evening comes the dusk
When dark encircles like a husk
To encroach upon the light of day
In a very artistic way
The colours once again will blend
In reverse as daylight comes to an end
And the moon replaces the day’s sunlight
And the stars will make the darkness bright
Another canvas is needed so
To paint the scene of the moonlight’s glow
And into shadows we set our dreams
Till the art of nature creates new scenes

7 Responses

  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Course in Bereavement by/Tony Gorman

    When sickness takes the one’s you love and you are in despair
    And grief becomes a part of you and tears are all you share
    Bring memories back into your mind of happier days gone by
    And share these memories with those who lend their shoulder when you cry

    For loved ones who have passed over are never far away
    You’ll find they’ll watch over you on any given day
    In time you’ll find they give you signs to tell you that they’re near
    Their slightest touch when you are sad will dry away a tear

    A softened blow upon your face like a breath before a kiss
    Or a white feather blowing in the wind will show that they’re in bliss
    For death is sometimes a release away from all our pain
    And heaven is a bonus for the pressure’s we sustain

    And as your loved ones are now free from all the pain they had
    The last thing that they want to see is they left you feeling sad
    So remember them for the happy days when you close your eyes at night
    And in your dreams they’ll come to you and ensure you they’re alright

    So celebrate those years gone by and embrace those happy days
    And the rawness of the void they left will ease in many ways
    And in time you’ll speak their name openly without choking up inside
    And you’ll try to help to ease the pain of others who’s loved ones died

    And strength of mind will be your forte when you see somebody sad
    And you’ll relate to how you coped when you were feeling bad
    And your love one in the spirit world will be so proud of you
    For bringing kindness and compassion in all the things you do

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony

    A poignant piece, I hope everything is going well for yourself and have a happy Christmas!


  3. Tony Gorman says:

    Hi Eoghan

    Many Thanks’ for all of those lovely pictures that you put on to complement my poems throughout the year.
    My latest poem “A Course in Bereavement” was to try and help those that have lost someone and need reassurance at a time when they are feeling sad that they are never alone in life.
    Sadly I lost a few good friends this year; we never know when our time is going to run out.
    I’m one of the lucky ones Eoghan I seem to shake off all my illnesses and get going doing all the things I like such as fishing, Photography and my poems.
    I hope you and all those involved in FRG are well.
    I wish you and your family and all of those that work for FRG or support FRG a very Happy Christmas and A Happy New Year

  4. Admin says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your losses Tony, 2016 as not been a positive year for many.

    Delighted to hear your still motoring away, your poems bring a lot of happiness to people on this site
    and we’re forever grateful!

    Speaking on behalf of everyone here at the Fountain, we wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and hopefully, 2017 will
    be better for us all!

  5. Tony Gorman says:

    1st Day of Spring 1st March 2017 by/Tony Gorman

    When daffodils come out on show
    Along margins everywhere
    And make us feel so joyful
    That spring is in the air
    And crocuses surround the trees
    Like rainbows on the ground
    They bring a joy within our hearts
    That spring is now around
    And on the farms the little lambs
    Are playing gleefully
    Jumping up in kid like style
    A pleasure for to see
    And buds come out upon the trees
    And new sprigs that soon will sprout
    The signs are truly beautiful
    Knowing spring is now about
    And soon the birds be nesting
    And the buzzing bees will show
    Upon the flowers that blossom
    That only spring will grow
    And a fresh feeling will be felt
    When we close that winter’s door
    With new feelings of tranquillity
    As spring shows us more and more
    So take the joy’s it brings to you
    And caress them in your heart
    For spring is there for all of us
    So enjoy it from the start

  6. Admin says:

    Thank you Tony. Hope you are keeping well.

  7. Tony Gorman says:

    I’m feeling fresh as a daisy now that spring is here, thanks’ for asking. Hope all at FRG are well now that winters behind us.
    Take care all

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