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A Wake up for the Irish Government

GrangegormanA Wake up for the Irish Government 30th March 2015/ by Tony Gorman

In a holy state of homelessness
Where people pay the toll
And clergy teach you out of books
Of sins that stain your soul

But out of books they do not see
Injustice to the poor
And leave those who are homeless
In conditions like a sewer

While ministers in government
They close their eyes to this
And treat the less unfortunate
With just a Judas kiss

There are derelict buildings everywhere
And homeless on the street
There’s can i buy diazepam in mexico defiantly and answer there
Of where priorities meet

To sort out all of these buildings
And show a caring way
For it was your mismanaged leadership
That leaves evections day by day

So stop your gallivanting
And look to those in need
And give up taking liberties
As they are a sin of greed

And for once look to your people
And the help that you should give
By putting a roof above their head
In the way that they should live


Image Credit: Irish Times

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