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A Trouble Shared is a Life Spared


It’s so sad to think that in a lot of cases of people committing suicide the signs are not recognised until after the person has taken their own life. Inquiries then take place but all too late and someone always says “I could see this was going to happen because of how the person was acting”, but why don’t people act on the changes in another person’s personality and try to help them instead of looking on and talking about them to others?
A little chat with someone who is depressed or is uptight with life in general could make all the difference. So remember a trouble shared could be a life spared.

A Trouble Shared is a Life Spared

Take serious the threat to life
That comes to some when minds are strained
And tread carefully with each step you take
To ensure that all bad thoughts are drained

For life is meant to be lived in full
And everyone has the right to live
And when dark days comes to those we know
Let true feelings show in the help we give

Revive their lust for life and lead them on their way
And shine a sun within their heart in blue skies not in grey
Bring back that glimmer of hope just like a radiant ray
To bring them peace of mind to live, as they go from day to day

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