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A Time for Change Tony Gorman

A Time for Change. by/Tony Gorman

Our resident poet Tony Gorman delivers this appeal to stop the waste and to consider our environment before it is far too late

Our planets in an awful state
because of humans ways
In time our lives be poisoned
by an environmental killing craze
Of fly tipping and dumping
leaving rubbish everywhere
On our beaches and in our countryside
causing damage beyond repair
It’s pure carelessness to our planet
plastics left aimlessly around
Killing wildfowl and the fish we eat
and contaminating the seabed’s ground
It is lazy stupid people
that causes all this mess
It’s them dropping rubbish in their wake
that gives all wildlife stress
The use of plastic should be banned
bring back those golden days
Of glass bottles and a regular bag
Starting an environmental rephrased
And jail all the fly-tippers
put them on a clean up gang
And take their assets off them
Leave them like snakes without a fang
For a lesson must be learned
To get us back on track
Before we kill our planet
Lets bring environmental awareness back

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