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A Gift of Nature

dandelion-seedsA Gift of Nature

Wild seeds blowing to places unknown
Into nooks and cranny’s all hidden and sown
Across fields and in margins around the grass verge
And in time pushing up as their small buds emerge

Bringing lifeform some nourishment to survive every day
From the tiniest of insects making nest’s in the clay
To the bees and the butterflies that rest on the blooms
And the spider spinning web’s with legs working like looms

And across the barren wasteland like parachutes they fly
The dandelion seeds as they blow in the sky
They sail down in gardens and meadows and leas
To be nature’s decoration that’s inspired by a breeze

And the woodland with a carpet of beauty fulfilled
Of bluebells with petals blowing gently like frills
And the daffodils show when the winter expires
Drawing up from the ground by the sun heated fires

And into the darkness the fungi will grow
Some darkish in colour some white as the snow
And the worms from the soil will eat the dead leaves
As the process of nature is nobody grieves

For all has a purpose in life’s resolution
That nothing is wasted when there’s a solution
For under the skies we have all we desire
By the beauty we see that was set to inspire

We all feel the benefit when spring comes our way as we take a lesson from nature to make an effort in getting out and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

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4 Responses

  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Fisherman’s Day of Therapy 11th May 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    Set men upon the waterways with rod’s and line’s to fish
    Just gaining freedoms glory in a boyhood dreamy wish
    As they sit there by the waterside while the Robin sings aloud
    With their thoughts transfixed on nature shaded by the morning cloud

    As the Water Voles swim to and fro down in the reeds below
    And the Swan’s swims majestically as their dazzling feathers glow
    And in the air an echo sounds of Cuckoo’s in the trees
    As those flowers that grow on the water’s edge attracts all kinds of bees

    And the fishermen prepare their gear for a pleasant day ahead
    They see our nature at its best while others lay in bed
    Like the Red Kite’s that sail the skies on just the slightest breeze
    And flutter on a thermal draught with a resounding sort of ease

    And down below the water line is fish of every size
    Some Roach and Bream and Carp as well and Pike in their disguise
    And up above the Kingfisher will watched all down below
    And wait until the time is right before he’ll strike a blow

    As the swish of rod against the air sails the float about its way
    To come to rest and drop the bait where in hope the fish will lay
    And little movements of the float will indicate a bite
    But wait until it disappears before the strike is right

    At the end of day with all fish returned and the fishing day’s all through
    The fishermen will tell their tales while sitting with a brew
    And sizes of their pass gone catch will increase in size each day
    A fishing tale will always stretch till the next tale comes their way

    But their enjoyment of the great outdoors never ceases through the years
    It becomes a therapy in life away from toil and tears
    For to be out there with nature is a positive display
    Of how to cope with things in life as you go from day to day


    Fishing and being at one with nature has been my way of relieving stress in my life and I’m sure there are quite a number of people like me that look to the outdoors as a natural therapy.
    Again may I thank Admin for adding the great pictures to complement my all my poems.

  2. Admin says:

    Excellent stuff Tony!

    Its always a pleasure to read your work!

  3. Jane Green says:

    Hi Tony, Start again, just read three poems, spring autumn and relaxing fishing, loved them. Got a lot more reading to do, so looking forward to reading them now that I feel better about life. See you soon for a coffee. Bye

  4. Tony Gorman says:

    Hi Jane
    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and it’s nice to hear you liked my poems.
    People like you Jane give me the inspiration to continue writing my poems,
    Thank you for your comments and yes we will meet up for a coffee xx

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