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A flight of fantasy


A flight of fantasy

Our lives are just like flight paths
That takes us everywhere
Sometimes when flying solo
We glide without a care

Most times we cruise automatically
In directions that we know
And at times we change to manual
To avert some things that show

We at times hold our head in the clouds
To avoid what’s down below
We keep our charts a secret
Thinking only we should know

This can bring us on a crash course
Filled with obstacles that blots our view
And to steer a course above them
Is the hardest thing to do?

So take a co-pilot with you
They will help you on your way
And make your journey easier
Showing blue skies never grey
As you make your new approach in life
Landing safe without dismay

Stress, Depression and Despair
We are vulnerable to them all when we are down and most times we need a little lift in life to help us on our way.
Life can be so cruel as we all know and sometimes things from the past can appear worrying dragging us down and desperate on how we can resolve our problems.
Don’t lock it away reveal it to your family or a friend and don’t be too proud to ask for help from the Samaritans.
Don’t look on yourself as weak by not being able to cope; even the strongest of us need a little help now and again.
You never see a passenger plane take off without a co-pilot on board, even the captain needs a little help to make life easier for him.


If you ever do need help or someone to talk to try the following:


Console 24/7 Phone line 1800 247 247

Samaritans 1850 60 90 90

There is always someone not only willing but wanting to listen.

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    Thanks Again Tony, this poem is really beautiful!

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