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A Dream of Earth 6th August 2015


A Dream of Earth 6th August 2015 by/Tony Gorman

I dreamt I was an earthling on the planet they call earth
I dreamt my human mother was the one that gave me birth
I learned that just from listening it taught me how they speak
On the planet where I come from we converse with just a squeak

And in my dream I had siblings that were older in years then me
And found that life for humans is as hard as it can be
For they struggle carrying out each task as they go from day to day
Not like my people here in space doing things the easy way

And some people get depression from the pressures that exist
From trying to cope with daily life, there’s quite an extensive list
And they work like slaves at what they do with no rewards in sight
And they toss and turn with worry when they go to sleep at night

Some maim and kill each other not like us from outer space
It’s a dangerous place to be, as it’s quite a hostile place
And their planet is broke up by oceans and countries that they made
And each Continent talk’s differently with educations of different grade

And when they’re elders get too old they lose their power of thought
And their bodies they get twisted and their bones get bent and wrought
And my dream becomes a nightmare living on this earth below
As I’ve learned from deep within my mind earths not the place to go

So I awake to tell my elders of the nightmare I just had
And I tell them that back down on earth things are rather sad
And I know my dreams a warning of the things we shouldn’t do
That earth remains the planet that we never should pursue
A Dream of Earth 6th August 2015 by/Tony Gorman


When I look at all the money that’s spent on space travel in search of a planet that has the same qualities as earth it makes me wonder why? We’ll only bring the same problems we have on earth into outer space.
Mankind should set their sights on sorting out the problem on earth before bestowing their destructive ways on another planet.
I have often thought if there were extra terrestrial beings and they could see how we have abused earth the last thing they would want is either human’s invading their planet or them invading earth.
So I wrote my little poem with that in mind.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    The A Bomb 7th August 2015 by/ Tony Gorman

    A blinding flash blurring people’s eyes
    A mushroom cloud invades their skies
    They try to run to evade the heat
    Their flesh it burns from head to feat

    No escape from this, a searing fire
    As bodies pile on an earthly pyre
    No compassion had for man or beast
    An inhuman way for a war to cease

    And children stunned by a burning flesh
    Their eyes froze up in fear
    An Apocalypse caused by man alone
    To sound their point out clear

    Their might it hit the innocents
    Hiroshima took first blast
    Nagasaki three days later
    Both A Bombs of horrific cast

    And those that caused this mad affray
    Boasted of what they done
    A surrender that was long foregone
    Was now inhumanly won

    For Japan hastily surrendered
    Its cities racked with pain
    By the thousands that died there
    And in truth they died in vain

    And yet mankind will never learn
    From the wars that’s been before
    They build their rockets more deadly
    To bring Armageddon to earths door

    The hunger for power it widens
    As the thirst for power it grows
    And it won’t be long until a bomb
    Brings mankind to a sudden close

    Its 70 years since the America dropped the A Bomb’s on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands of people. The first bomb exploded 2,000 feet above Hiroshima and was equal to 15,000 tons of TNT, destroying approximately 5 square miles of the city killing between 90.000-166.000 people.
    The Nagasaki bomb killed between 40.000-80.000 people. Most of those that died were civilians going about their daily life.
    The Americans dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945 and the second on the 9th of August 1945.
    Japan signed the instrument of surrender on the 2nd September 1945, effectively ending World War 11.
    On reflection Mankind has not come very far since then as the threat of war hangs over us day in and day out and all it needs is one power lusting madman to give the order to push the button.

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