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Women And Education

As we all know this century has seen many changes, in every field of life.  Even if we only went back 20 years, our present world is much different. Social behaviours and norms, values old traditions, thoughts, customs has changed very quickly.

If we talk about women empowerment then we can see a huge difference between young ladies and old ladies’ life style. In this country, a few decades ago, it was not common to see women in employment. But, now scenario is completely changed. In every organization and all career paths, women are becoming as prevalent as men.

I believe that women now begun to realise their personality and position. They are less likely to tolerate any discrimination. This is due to education.  Education has created in women a sense of self respect.

Education has also given women economic freedom. After getting a good education, women can become economically self-sufficient. Women can earn for themselves and feed the children if need be.

If women are not economically a burden on their family, then why should they accept a lower status and position in society? It is due to education then that women want more time, along with men for leisure and recreation.

The woman of the present era doesn’t take any pressure or burden from family or society in any decision of her life. She spends her life as how she wants. Because, now she is free to move in her life according to her wish. She does not feel like having a large family where she spends all her time in rearing and bringing up her children. She wants to have small size family which she can easily and conveniently manage. It is also due to this that she prefers to have small single rather than a big joint family. Because she thinks if she got higher education then she should do something good or positive in society for everyone’s wellbeing  rather then she spend her most time at home .

Education is a key to open so many doors of successful healthy life of anyone. All new development for easy life we see around us cause of education. So, women are also getting education and share the burden of men and playing a useful role in society not only inside their homes and outside of the homes.

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