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The Three R’s in Recycling

Reuse Reduce Recycle

I love the fact that when I recycle say an empty glass jar or a plastic container that they will get picked up, brought to a factory separated and cleaned and used again. Isn’t it wonderful to know that the saying “Waste Not Want Not” is actually been put into practice and over say the last 20 years or so that we the people are recycling. By recycling our waste we are not burying our waste into pits and dumps, and Mother nature’s earth will not get destroyed.

The three R’s are:
1st – Re-duce
2nd – Re-use
3rd – Re-cycle

If all of us follow the three R’s we will make a huge impact and help stem the world’s already insatiable consumption.

For centuries we the Irish people have been recycling material in huge qualities sure the bells in Christ Church cathedral here in Dublin 8, were once cannons that was from an old English war ship, when iron was short, the ship was been dismantled and all the iron from cannons to cannon balls were melted down and reused and that is how the bells lasted so long.

So the next time you buy anything that comes all packaged up, don’t throw away the boxes fold them down and recycle them, if we all follow the three R’s in recycling we will leave a big print and not a big print on our dumps and pits.

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