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My East-End Girlfriend


My East-End Girlfriend


For those not aware ‘Ocean Pearl’ is cockney rhyme for girl, and stretch & bend is cockney rhyme for friend. My girlfriend is a cockney, and it is to her I’ve dedicated this ode.


Although her happy trigger is very appealin’

with a lemon zest ample

that I like feelin’

& scotch pegs slim

nearly up to the ceiling,

It is her boat race mostly, that leaves me reeling.


Starting at the top, with her brown Barnet Fair

which curls down her back

without a care;

Her mince pies sparkle the colour blue

Below her button-shaped I’suppose

an exquisite view.


Her Errol Flynn has a very small dimple

which when she smiles,

makes a pretty little ripple;

Her pink PG Tips

with her white Hampstead Heath,

makes her north & south

a pleasure to meet.



Chas Davely

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