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Local Property Tax Survey for Dublin


Local Property Tax Survey for Dublin

Dublin City Council is inviting the public and other interested parties to take part in a survey to conclude if the Local Property Tax (LPT) should be varied in Dublin for 2016. On the 1st July 2013 the annual LPT became effective and is collected by the Revenue Commissioners. Since then if you own property in Ireland you have to pay your taxes, with the exception of farmers as they are not asked to pay taxes for developing farmlands.

The amount of tax you pay is worked out based on the market value of your property and this is self-assessed. Revenue does not value properties for tax purposes, but allows for different methods of payment for the LPT. Elected members who work for the Dublin City Council has the right according to Section 20 of the Finance Act 2012 to vary the LPT rate by plus or minus 15% every year and they are asking members of the public and other interested parties to give their views on a public consultation in a survey that will be held between the dates 2nd July to 5th August 2015. This is an online survey at be sure to check it out.

Kathy Quinn is the Head of Finance with Dublin City Council and sends this very important message to the public to consider before making up their minds concerning wanting taxes to be lessened, remain the same or be increased: “Local Authorities can vary the LPT. Revenue from this tax supports local services such as parks, libraries and street cleaning that Dublin City Council provides. Any decisions to vary this are very important so we are asking the public for their views. These views will inform whatever decision is taken.”

The basic rate of the LPT is 0.18% and the LPT in Dublin is 0.153% for properties worth up to €1 million, thereafter the rate is increased to 0.2125%. The reason why Dublin City’s rate is lowered is because of the decision to avail of the local adjustment factor where the LPT can be varied under Section 20 of the Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012 and Dublin City Council’s elected Members passed a resolution on the 22nd September 2014 to reduce the LPT to 15% for Dublin City. This decision cost the Council €12.4 million. That is €12.4 million taken from the budget that looks after libraries, local housing, parks and streets. The funding provided after deductions towards the LPT this year was €53.7; this goes towards grants that were previously funded by the government. The LPT is a very important tax as it is applied to local services provided by the Council.

This is a survey that the public should not neglect to take part in, because all views will be included in a Chief Executive Report and this report will be handed to the Elected Members on the 21st September 2015. Once a decision is reached based on the views gathered from the survey the Elected Members will inform the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the Office of the Revenue Commissioners by the 30th September 2015. After the current LPT is varied, if this be the case, it will take effect on the 1st January 2016.

When the LPT first came to effect in July 2013 a half year charge was applicable, and in 2014 this was raised to a full year. The LPT does not only affect those with residential properties, people who have long-term leases (20 years or more) are also liable. Other tax payers include: people with a life interest or long-term right of residence in a residential property; local authorities or social housing organisations; a person acting as a representative for a deceased owner and trustees or beneficiaries who are jointly liable where a residential property held in trust.

This is your chance to make a difference to your city and present the Members with your views. There is little less than three weeks remaining to get the survey done. Don’t forget about the services that play a vital part in enjoying your city; without these services, life will become increasingly more difficult. Owning a house is expensive and with the new water charges being applied, who can blame any owner for wanting to save some money somewhere, but a house in a suburb without any street lights or sweepers or parks for your children to play is worse. That is the wonderful thing about surveys, you get to make up your mind and it is your responsibility and no-one can tell you what to decide on.

Should the LPT in Dublin be varied? In my opinion, it should not decrease, as I appreciate all these services that make my life easier and more enjoyable.

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