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Life Saving

Life Saving

Life Saving

Earlier last week this correspondent sent out his usual bi-monthly email to various publishers, dispatching the latest story wrote, for their perusal. Your Correspondent can deduce from their response (none) & the previous three-or-so-years of similar correspondences that they don’t hold his musings in high regard.

Why continue in this profession, your correspondent hears his two concerned regular readers ask? Are you a masochist?

Despite the evidence, your correspondent can report that he is not a masochist, and enjoys a pain-free lifestyle. No, the reason this correspondent persists with his occupational one-sided correspondence is the idea that he can pen something half-as-good as the writings of John B Keane, Jeffrey Bernard, Ronnie Barker & Paddy Agnew.

Your correspondent’s high regard for these writers (evidenced by a glance at his bookshelf) mirrors a similar view the Zimbabwean National Water Authority (a state-run enterprise) has for the President of Zimbabwe’s missus, Grace Mugabe. A few weeks back on her 50th Birthday, your correspondent read of them describing her as “Our Saving Grace………and like water on parched ground you give life to everything you touch”. One can deduce from the gushing compliments, the Zimbabwean National Water Authority thinks well of her, for some positive effect she has had on its business.

However in the same piece it also stated that entire suburbs of towns & cities in Zimbabwe have had their water supply disconnected by their National Water Authority for non-payment of bills.

Your correspondent imagines that the residents of these dry Zimbabwean districts do not hold their national water authority in high regard and offers them two suggestions as to how they could begin to think better of their national water authority again.

The first is to sell-up and move to a suburb that the National Water Authority holds in higher regard; or an alternative (and probably more practical) suggestion would be to pen a continuous correspondence with them expressing their disapproval with their waterless state of affairs.

Like this correspondence situation with publishers, the b#s*a!d* will eventually have to give in!

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