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Escaping the Grim Reaper

shepherds delight

My time it had been borrowed
From the clock upon the wall
Its pendulums just ticked away
As my life heard death’s loud call

Every day the clock ticked louder
To help my life extend
As the minutes turned to hours
Its face became my friend

And days turned into months
And the months turned into years
And my life became more confident
Eradicating all my fears

As my cancer now is dormant
As I listen to a chime
From the clock that hangs upon my wall
And ticks away its time

                             By Tony Gorman

I have written this poem hoping it will help all of those people diagnosed with cancer and hope and pray that like me they can beat it.
In 2008 I lost my beloved wife Geraldine to cancer and was diagnosed myself in 2009 with leukemia.
It was then when I was having Chemotherapy that I started writing my poems and here I am today still writing them.
I guess writing deflected the worries of having cancer and helped me relax throughout my treatment.
My advice is never give up in life and like me you will see it through.
Stay strong and remember you are important as a Mother/Father/Daughter/Son or Grandchild and with the help of those you love and your friends YOU CAN BEAT CANCER.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Terry Wogan/Gods Right Hand Man 31st January 2016 by/Tony Gorman

    Terry was a true gentleman of integrity and wit
    His usual kind of sign off was he’d be back again forthwith
    And his joking was of a family kind that always made you smile
    He had that gentle nature that amused you all the while

    In conversation his enticement could open up all doors
    A loveable Irishman from Limerick no stranger to foreign shores
    And his velvet voice became a legend when he hosted on radio 2
    His charisma sailed across the air for all those years to you

    And for those children that are in need, our Terry was always there
    With Pudsey the Bear by his side his hosting skills were rare
    For he coaxed all of his viewers to support and donate their cash
    And he did it with a magic touch and some loveable panache

    We’ll miss our Terry shining through in his charismatic way
    And pray the lord is interviewing him with the hope he’ll stay
    For heaven is for stars like him who cross the great divide
    And he’ll be an asset greeting us sitting by the Lord Gods side

    To all Terry’s family and friends may we express our deepest sympathy.
    Terry was the most lovable presenter and broadcaster that we’ve known over the years and because of this all his followers of old geezers (as Terry called us) will miss him greatly.
    Our loss is now heavens gain.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony,

    This January is turning out to be a right dangerous business! I’m glad its over.

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