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Dunnes Store Strike Action


Dunnes Store Strike Action

Should Dunnes Stores employees take strike action on Holy Thursday?

“Mandate” the trade union representing the staff at Dunnes Stores has claimed that the superstore is currently threatening staff to prevent industrial action. The staff are planning to go on strike next week over their part time hours, low wages and the company’s failure to negotiate with Mandate regarding staff complaints. Karen Wall, Mandate’s Divisional Organiser and a former Dunnes Stores employee, wrote a letter to the encouraging the 6,000 Dunnes Stores staff.  In the letter, she recalls “intense pressure by management” during disputes in the 1990’s.  She said it was “challenging and difficult” and “key people” and “vulnerable” members are being called into “communication meetings” by management. “Clear propaganda, misinformation and untruths have been spun by the company, all in an effort to break your dispute”.

She said that Dunnes Stores management met Mandate in the past but has chosen to ignore the agreement they signed in 1996.  She added “workers are a company’s best and most valuable asset.  You deserve better jobs, decent hours, guaranteed earnings and respect.  We did it before in 1996 and we can do it again”.  Dunnes Stores staff has planned to conduct strike action across 109 of its outlets across the country.  Picketers will stand outside Dunnes shops on April 2nd (Holy Thursday), which is a day where consumers usually buy a significant amount of alcohol due to the shops been closed on Good Friday.

In this writers opinion, Dunnes Stores staff are been unfairly treated regarding low wages and reduced working hours.  I think it is reprehensible that Dunnes Stores management are using bullying tactics to try to dissuade their employees from taking strike action.  I think the management are not going to get a positive outcome by refusing to negotiate with the trade union.  What does this say about the company’s respect for its employees? How can customer services improve in this State if our employees are feeling disgruntled and feel exploited?

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