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After reading about the plight of Rebekah Sutcliffe recently (She has been suspended from her job as Assistant Chief Constable for Greater Manchester Police after claims she had a row with a fellow female colleague in a hotel bar over whose breasts were more attractive. She had been at a three-day conference on woman policing) I symapthize with her and the situation she now finds herself in.   

It seems the Greater Manchester Police force do not allow for the talking of nonsense by their senior staff. Although an interesting topic to discuss (female breasts), Rebekah should know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what she sizes up to be attractive may to another be not their cup of tea.      

However to be punished for saying she has a preference for less being more (the 2-inch B-Cup) or alternatively a penchant for bigger being better (the 5-inch DD-Cup; I don’t know what Rebekah’s breasts are like as measurements were not given or no side profile picture displayed) is a trifle over-the-top.

The Greater Manchester Police could have given her a ticking off instead, for her ungentlewomanly behaviour and told her to be a bit more discreet when talking nonsense in the future.

As I said at the top I can sympathize with Rebekah’s predicament. In the past, I’ve had budding relationships suspended after discussing the topic of feet with girls I’ve been briefly involved with. I’ve made favourably comments about mine (e.g. They are symmetrical; toes are perfectly straight; tops of my toes descend smoothly in size from my big toe to my little toe) and been critical in comparison with theirs. These girls did not indulge me in my nonsense talk and that can be judged by the fact that I usually never see them after.

I don’t let this get me down though. I know Mrs Right is out there somewhere. How so, I hear my two regular readers ask? Because there has to be a female out there who has asymmetrical feet, toes that are crooked and have the middle toe taller than their big toe, and most importantly love them!

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