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Winter Fuel Allowance

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For those who are eligible, Fuel Allowance starts this week.  The payment is 20 Euro each week in addition to your main social welfare payment, for 6 months from October until April.  If you think you are eligible and haven’t yet received your payment, you should make an application.

For those in receipt of Disability, Invalidity, Carers or the State Pension, you may also be entitled to the Household Benefits Package.  This includes a 35 Euro monthly payment towards either your gas or your electricity costs each month, and it is paid for the whole year.

Also, those who have a medical condition that requires an exceptional need for a well-heated house may be entitled to a Heating Supplement.  This is a means tested payment and you can get the payment on top of the Fuel Allowance and/or Household Benefits if you can show that you need it.  The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances.

You can apply for any of these payments at your local social welfare office.  If you need help with making the application, or if you have been refused a payment, we are happy to help you.  Our drop-in clinic in Dublin 8 is hosted by the Fountain Resource Group on a Wednesday morning 10am-1pm, or you can phone 01 9055732 for information, or text your name to 083 4001658 and we will call you back.

Welfare Appeals is an independent organisation that receives no government funding.  We assist people with making social welfare applications and can represent you if you need to appeal a social welfare decision.  All information is provided free of charge, and if you need representation at an appeal, it is provided on a no-win, no-fee basis”

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