City Of Thoughts Poem Recital Video

City Of Thoughts Poem Recital Video Famous Dublin Poet and Writer Dermott Hayes, has given us a world exclusive with his latest poem “City of Thoughts”.  Dermott recites the poem as he transverse the back alleys and open courts of Dublin City.  Please watch, its a wonderful poem.  Read More »

Liberties Poet Warms Heart of Holocaust Survivor

Liberties Poet Warms Heart of Holocaust Witness & Survivor It’s been seventy years since the survivors’ of Auschwitz were liberated. Recently, local author and poet Dermott Hayes was watching a TV documentary where six survivors recounted their stories of survival and the terrible aftermath... 

Who’s at the door?

Mummy won’t get out of bed. There’s ice inside the kitchen window. The curtains are closed. I soaked some crusts of bread and old biscuits in the last of the lumpy milk. It softened them. Kitty cried while she ate it. She said it made her feel sick. She said it smelled like cat pee and old socks.... 

Interview with Successful Liberties based Author Dermott Hayes

‘Publishing can be a nightmare, but so can sleeping’, says self published author, Dermott Hayes, and he should know. Hayes is a resident of The Liberties, where he has lived, on and off, for 15 of the last thirty five years. He’s just published his first novel, Tito’s Dead and... 
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