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Welcome To The 1st Issue Of Fountain News Of The New Year! (Sorry We’re Late)

running late, sort of... by claudia heaney

Yeah its March you caught us, it’s because we put sooooo much effort into making this the bestest most funnest issue yet! Not buying it are you? I wouldn’t either sounds like cheesy sale, but what I can say is that this issue has some excellent articles on local history, news and reviews and you will enjoy it or at least not hate it and whats it costing you anyway! Although we are quickly amassing a large contact list of would-be journalists in the area, we want to hear from you! So if you haven’t written for us yet, write for us now!

Get your voice out there on anything you would like to discuss, since we’ve established (and we are only three issues in) I can tell you that over 800 different computers have read our paper, now considering I’ve only been able to get to 150 different computers to bump up the stats, that means 650 different people have read our paper! (That was a joke by the way I don’t want to get any hate mail like I did when I claimed to be the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet…Stephen Seagull wasn’t best pleased).

Alright enjoy the issues and remember if you’ve got something to say send your article to

IMAGE: running late, sort of… – image credit: Claudia Heaney/DevianArt

Fountain News DigitalThis article was originally published in:
Fountain News Digital – March 2011 (Issue 3)

We are re-publishing all articles from our past newsletter, Fountain News Digital, and you can view all completed newsletters here. There were nine issues published in total between 2010 and 2012.

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