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Taken Live

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Taken Live

It was December 2014 when I first came across Ireland’s answer to One Direction, this unassuming group of young Dubliners (one of whom a local lad) went by the name of Taken.  The group had endeared me to them by their good sense of social conscience and their willingness to come down to our own Fountain Youth Project for the switching on of our Christmas lights. Not too long after that I saw the lads play live at the Sugar Club in Lesson Street, this was closely followed by their 2nd concert to a sell out crowd, at the Academy.  On both occasions, I was taken back (no pun intended) by the group’s professionalism despite their young years.  I thought I was witnessing the crest of something and decided to follow their rise earlier on, as Dave Fanning did with U2 some several decades before.

Sunday the 17th May, Taken took the rather eccentric stage of Dublin’s Utilitarian Church on St Stephen’s Green.  They were more than adequately supported by a very capable Belgium boy band called “Boy Code” comprising Timmy, Lennert, Greg & Matthias.  People may believe that I am exaggerating with my U2 but this band certainly has traction. Myself and a friend arrived a little early, but even has early as we were there were fans queuing since a little past 4pm for a show that didn’t start till 6pm, that’s dedication for you. Most of these fans where young teenage girls who wouldn’t be outplace in a Beatles clip on “Reeling in the Years”.  One young group from Blackrock already seen Taken a couple of time’s but still couldn’t wait to see them again.

Other girls had Irish Flags with their names and messages felted on using a marker in the hope that the lads will recognise them.  You can see then the amount of buzz this group is generating! Other fans brought along gifts including chocolate, sweets, and lollies to pass to their order valtrex overnight idols. We where taken some photos when we suddenly heard a commotion, Mark from Taken, arrived much to the delight of the young fans who fondly ambushed him. Mark obliged with photographs and autographs, and was happily engaging with the fans while eating a lollipop that a fan had given him.

Before we knew it, we where in the main hall watching the bands doing a sound check. While some of the acts practiced on stage Taken’s manager, Paddy Fogarty, invited us back stage, as he frequently does when I am there. I and Top Notch (my friend who is also an aspiring local musician) went backstage and got a few nice photos and had a little chat with the groups.  Friendly and disarming, it was wonderful to see that the fame had gotten to no one’s head.

The opening sounds of Boy Code greeted our ears as we made our way into the main venue.  The Belgium group who were in Ireland on tour really got the crowd going and may I say they where just fabulous. Impressively, the group had brought their own fans from Belgium. After such a solid performance, the group’s 70.000 FaceBook likes is about to climb.

Taken came on the stage at 8 pm the place went wild, they started their set with a Beatles cover (how apt), & were joined by Sara who played the Cello. I have seen Taken before but last Sunday’s show blew all others out of the water.  The level of professionalism has brought these young lads from inner city Dublin and transformed them into stars. Taken have grown allot.  Their singing ability has piped them above the usual run of the mill manufactured pop, they actually have talent, and when the time comes I’m sure they won’t be just dancing on The Late Late Show.

Check out Taken’s Official FB page for up and coming concerts, support these guys, its good to see local lads doing so well.

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