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Statement on Brú Aimsir

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Statement on Brú Aimsir

Brú Aimsir was opened in October 2015 as an emergency homeless hostel facility for the winter period as part of the annual Cold Weather Initiative. Dublin City Council and the DRHE are grateful to the Board of the Digital Hub Development Agency and to the Department of Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources for their facilitation of our request for the temporary use of the premises. The Council also wishes to acknowledge the very significant funding provided by the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government towards Brú Aimsir.

The City Council entered into a temporary lease arrangement with the Board of the Digital Hub with the specific purpose of having additional capacity available over the winter period as a humanitarian response to the major challenge of rough sleeping during the winter months. It was never intended that Brú Aimsir would be a permanent facility. However, its use as a hostel has been extended until end May because of the cold weather.

Commitments were given by DCC/DRHE to the Board of the Digital Hub, to the local business community and to local residents that the facility would be used as part of the Cold Weather Initiative and that it would close in spring 2016. It is normal practice for the City Council to decommission additional capacity put in place every year as part of the Cold Weather Initiative.

The City Council has been in communication with the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government on the need for additional permanent hostel accommodation for homeless individuals. The Council is actively seeking to source additional accommodation using the resources of both the DRHE and City Council’s Chief Valuer.

The City Council is very conscious of the deterioration in the homeless situation over recent months. Every effort is being be made to source alternative accommodation for the 40 or so residents who are currently using the Brú Aimsir facility. The continued operation of the facility is being kept under review.

The City Council has nothing further to add at this time.

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