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St Patrick’s Athletic Proposed Development

St Patrick’s Athletic Proposed Development

Recently, this reporter covered a story regarding St. Patricks Athletic proposed development plan for the St.Michael’s estate in Inchicore. They want to see the development of a 12,000 seater stadium, along with an “urban quarter” that will contain commercial, leisure and industrial facilities.

Since then, there have been the murmurings of local opposition to such a plan. With some residents highlighting the impact of such a project in terms of prolonged construction and the resultant noise pollution. Others have criticised the development on the grounds that such a large capacity stadium could attract high numbers to the area and with it problems such as drunkenness, excess littering, loitering etc. With one resident fearing it could be “another Croke Park”, in reference to the problems occasionally caused by concert goers etc. Others have pointed out that the need for social housing should take precedence over any commercial endeavor.

This reporter spoke with St.Patrick’s Athletic in regards to these concerns and club president Tom O’Mahony said:

“The overwhelming response to our proposal has been very positive and we are sure we will be able to address any specific issues that are put to us.

At this point our discussion with Dublin City Council is at a very early stage and we need to have a clearer idea of their exact requirements for housing and community facilities before we would be able to give the local community the detailed information they would require.  Once we have that information we will of course engage with local residents and groups.”

As this is an ongoing development, we will keep the local community up to date

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