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Seanad Referendum: Dublin South Central Records 7th Highest NO VOTE

2013 Irish Seanad Abolition Referendum - constituencies results mapAfter a few days of the momentum swinging slowly but consistently from the YES camp to the NO camp, Dublin eventually voted majority NO in all constituencies. Our constituency – Dublin South Central – ended up with the 7th highest percentage of NO VOTES out of 43 constituencies nationwide, with 56.56% of locals voting NO to the Seanad’s abolition.

Polling stations in our area included our own St. James’ Parochial Hall, where we run our Senior Citizens services from, and in St. James’s Primary School on Basin Street, right beside our Youth Services, our Pre-School Breakfast Club and our Wee Tots Creche.

Across the country there was a divide between the eastern seaboard counties, and most of the rest of Ireland. Dublin and all Eastern counties voted majority NO, whilst the rest of the country mainly voted majority YES.

The national vote ended with 51.73% voting NO, and 48.27% voting YES. So the Seanad will not be abolished, instead it is believed that reforms will be attempted, including adding directly-elected representatives to the higher house of the Oireachtas.

Seanad Abolition Referendum 2013 – Dublin South Central Final Results

Electorate: 79,173
Turnout: 30,201 (38.15%)
Spoiled Votes: 329
Total Valid Poll: 29,872
YES: 12,976 (43.44%)
NO: 16,896 (56.56%)

Seanad Abolition Referendum 2013 – Final National Results

Electorate: 3,167,384
Turnout: 1,240,729 (39.17%)
Spoiled Votes: 14,355
Total Valid Poll: 1,226,374
YES: 591,937 (48.27%)
NO: 634,437 (51.73%)

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