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Road Works in Rialto

Road Works in Rialto

Local residents living in the Rialto area have expressed alarm after they learned that road works, which have started in their area last November, may not be finished till April of this year. Local residents and local businesses are very worried about the impact this is causing. One man said while he was driving back from Crumlin that he had to actually mount the kerb on the main roundabout, because of temporary measures in placed while the work on the project. Another man said he had to get out of his car and remove traffic cones because the area that the builders left wasn’t big enough for his car, and this caused huge tailbacks. 

Residents living on St Anthony’s Road, just off Fatima where left in the dark about these road works, and are quite angry now that one end of the road is now like a mini construction site. This area has been cornered off with hard plastic barriers on the road, one side for the trucks and dumpers to collect gravel and sand, and the other side is being used to hold paving stones and building materials. Large trucks, some with trailers have also been parked and left for a few hours. One woman said the builders are actually working till late in the evening creating more noise and now there is muck everywhere.This is causing great distress to the locals who feel the Dublin City Council who awarded the project to a private firm should have at least informed them instead of just pulling up last November and setting up. Also this is causing a great hazard to local children who are at times playing on the heaps of sand and gravel.

An area at the end of Rialto Street, facing a local hardware shop is becoming a hazard to drivers coming from the buildings. It’s a T – junction and now because cars and large vehicles can park either side of the T – junction blocking the road from left to right, this is causing great concern for drivers wishing to enter the main road from the T – junction.

Please note the, the two major roadworks may not be connected, both have different building contractors.


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