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Revised Grand Canal Basin Plans 2019

Revised Grand Canal Basin Plans 2019 – Ross Murray explains the new large scale build in Basin Lane.  This will be one that changes the landscape of the area very notably.  

Atlas GP applied in July 2019 for planning permission to build 550 Build to Rent Residential units over five blocks ranging from three to thirteen storeys with provision for 855 bike and 50 car park spaces on the site of the Grand Canal Basin. If approved it will dominate the local area, looming even higher than the nearby Guinness Storehouse. Below is a picture of the site, along with some of the architectural drawings and details from the planning permission application for the development.

(The former halting site and Westcourt to the left. The Warehouse and Guinness Buildings to the right)

(North View. Guinness Buildings on the left. St. James Avenue to the right)

(West View. The protected warehouse on the left. The former halting site to the right)

(South View. Westcourt Estate on the left. Guinness buildings on the right)

(East View. The halting site on the left. The warehouse and Harkins Bar on the right)

Atlas GP Limited intend to apply for a 10 year permission for development on a site  at Grand Canal Harbour, Grand Canal Place, Dublin 8. The site is bounded by a Protected Structure (stone warehouse) fronting onto Grand Canal Place to the north; by Grand Canal Place to the east; by James’s Avenue and vehicular access to Westcourt residences to the west; and by the grounds of a former Dublin City Council halting site accessed off Grand Canal Place to the south. The proposed development will consist of a mixed use development in five blocks, over basement. Block 3/4 shall divide into two blocks at upper levels.

The residential component shall be ‘Build to Rent’ scheme of 550 no. residential units with associated resident support facilities and resident services and amenities. Of the 550 no. residential units, 428 no. will be one bedroom units and 122 no. two bedroom units. Other uses within the proposed development shall be retail, medical, cafes, restaurant, childcare facility and co-working spaces. The proposed development will provide for a water feature to the south of the protected structure to represent the historic use of Grand Canal Harbour. Building height shall range from three to thirteen storeys. Communal terraces, roof gardens shall be provided at roof level on Block 1, Block 2, Block 3/4 and Block 6. Balconies will be provided on all external elevations, save for Block 5 where the protected structure is located.

Basement: the basement will be reduced in size from the permitted 8,149sqm to 5,572sqm with water attenuation tank as proposed. The basement will include 50 no. car parking spaces, 737 no. cycle parking spaces, and associated repair areas, plant and services, bin storage, waste compactor and other storage areas for residents’ support facilities.

Block 1, on the south east side neighboring the halting site and Grand Canal Place, shall be 11 storeys. The block shall provide for a retail unit, a cafe and of residents’ support services at ground floor to 126 no. residential units. . A communal roof garden for residents shall be provide along with an internal atrium feature and a semi open winter garden.

Block 2, directly to the west of block 1, shall be 11 storeys. The block  shall provide for residents’ amenities, childcare facility with dedicated outdoor space, and 2 no. lobby entrances to 170 no. residential units. At the 8th & 9th floors, the floor area is reduced to provide for communal terraces. A communal roof garden for residents shall be provided above the 11th storey with a semi open winter garden.

Block 3/4 is on the north east side between Market Street and Portland Street West. Block 3 shall continue to 9 storeys while Block 4 shall continue to 13 storeys. The block shall provide for a restaurant, of retail/non-retail service, and two no. lobbies providing access to 133 residential units at ground floor with office space at ground and first floor. At 6th floor, the floorplate reduces to allow 2 smaller footprint blocks to emerge. Block 3 Communal roof gardens for residents will be accessed from floor 6,9, and above the final storey. A semi open winter garden will be provided on the roof of Block 4.

Block 5, the existing warehouse ,will provide 1 no. retail unit, 1 no. cafe unit, 1 no. co-working office unit and 1 no. medical centre. Works to the existing four-storey warehouse building, a protected structure, including the demolition of an existing single storey structure adjoining the building to the west & the removal of 6 no.dormer roof windows, metal bars to first floor window opes on north and south elevations, roller shutter door on north elevation, 1 no. window ope on north elevation, all internal stairs & the reinstatement of window opes on north, south and west elevations & the alteration of roof rafters & the refurbishment of external and internal stone/brick work, internal timber floors, internal timber doors and structural steelwork & the refurbishment/ replacement of slate roof finishes, roof vents, eaves rail guardings, rainwater goods, windows & the re-positioning of internal timber hoppers & the addition of 10no. roof dormer windows, 3 no. new window opes on north elevation and 4 no. new window opes on south elevation, 1 no. stair/lift core, 2 no. new entrances on north elevation including the excavation of the entire ground floor, new floor plate to section of second floor level, new internal partition walls, new door opes to internal stone/brick work walls & the construction of 1 no. new three-storey extension adjoining the building to the west.

Block 6, bordering Westcourt Estate, shall be 7 storeys. The block shall provide for the basement access ramp which runs underneath the building, resident support facility use, and two lobbies to 111 residential units at ground floor. Medical use over ground and first floor, with apartments also to be provided at first floor. Apartments shall be provided for the rest of the building. A communal roof garden with semi open winter garden shall be provided for residents.

Ancillary works, servicing and plant, pedestrian circulation, landscaping, cycle parking (118 at ground level to give a total of 855 spaces), vehicular set down, waste marshalling area, ventilation opes, and all associated site works. Total gross floor area of proposed redevelopment is 49,710sq.m.

A full version of the application (reference number 3209/19) is available on Dublin City Council’s website at

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