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Pieta House Video Shoot – Local Rappers Highlight The Issue Of Suicide

On Thursday the 23rd of May at 5.30 pm I along with two friends met a local Rap artist by the name of Paul Tall Order Ritchie at Greenfort Shopping Centre. The reason for our arrangement was Paul Tall along with some of his friends where doing a video shoot for a song he wrote titled (entitled ‘Here in my tears’), which is taken from his mixtape collection called One Life Volume 1. That entire mixtape, including this song and video, have been produced in aid of Pieta House and Console, two well-known charities that help people who are affected by suicide, a subject which I hold very close to my heart.

On the day of the shoot eight of us met up, including two camera crew, and then we drove the short distance to Fonthill Road train station, parked the cars, and walked the short distance to the Grand Canal in Clondalkin. This was my 2nd time to be around when Tall Paul was putting together a video. All the people who where there where happy enough to lend their support, and their faces, to this video, and it was really lovely to see people from all different backgrounds come together and work as one.

Some people think Rap music is all about drugs and gun crime, I have been around with various Rap artists, performers and I never seen any or either. Rap music is on the rise here in Ireland and we the public should support this more. Any people who are into this kind of music have no financial backing whatsoever, and they are writing from their heart. Because of the high cost of putting a beat, or music, to their recordings in a studio, a lot of artists cannot record the way they would like to.

Paul Tall Order Ritchie, Joe Wrenn, and Yazz, who has been featured in our magazine just recently, are just three artists who have sprung to my mind, and who love to write and perform rap. There is a huge following behind these guys. Kids in their thousands are following this style of music and it will be only a matter of time before Irish Rap will break the surface, so it’s such a pity no music company will open their doors and let these people in to their studio and record free, or even quite cheaply atleast.

I am aware that costs are involved from both sides but really there should be something out there for these people, for example a music centre/studio which will cater for anyone who is writing and performing their own music, regardless of their style of music, or their financial position. In the past 6 months or so I have seen gatherings bringing people from all backgrounds together and having a ball. If we could cater for these people – who may break soon into the Irish music scene – we could build a guide for people to follow, so that others could put their energy and their time into their music, which could ultimately see kids diverting away from crime or even drugs.

Yesterday at the video shoot various people turned up and did what was asked of them, and the outcome will be that this song will now be released in aid of Pieta House and Console. I wish everyone involved the best of luck with the campaign ahead. You can check out Paul Tall-Order’s facebook page, or twitter feed for more info about the video release dates.

The Video and songs will be available to buy at from the 6th of June. In the meantime, here are some more photos from the video shoot…

IMAGES: Pieta House HipHop Video Shoot – image credit: Alan Finn/

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3 Responses

  1. Rachel O Connor says:

    just read this story and im delighted more is being done to try help rappers and others who would love to be given a chance to record a song that special to them,i hope the record company’s out there will give these youngsters a chance,i agree with u alan some sort of music centre with a full recording studio should be available to them,communities can avail of the centre wit discounts for them,youth groups would benefit,its some thing that the kids are into and it will keep them off the streets an have a positive an creative impact on their lives.

  2. Tall-Order says:

    Thanks for your support Rachel

    More an more young people are turning to music when they have issues goin on in there lives
    And it can only be a good thing. Hopefully it’ll just keep growing and we can make a positive impact

  3. Alan Finn says:

    Hello Rachel thank you for your recent comment and like your good self I would love some kind of music Studio to open up in the area, or even try and get the Foundations laid ourselves and give these and other people in to their music, and writing, a right to record their music at a time they can do it and try waive away the Fee’s that are crippling some artists a centre would be wonderful it could divert youngsters away from crime and drugs. Over the past 6 months or so I have been around Rapp & Hip Hop artist some have told me to get a beat put on to their songs can cost up to €120, and in some cases €80.00. Now if a artist is not working and are under the age 21 and they are getting the dole, they cant pay out that kind of cash what would they live on????Even the ones who live with their parents they cant even to do, we should all get together and work with all artists Rapp or whatever, and help them in any or every way possible they will break the surface and when they do they will put IRISH Rapp & Hip Hop Etc. on the Proudest Map, we owe it to them there are thousands upon thousands of young people following this kind of music, and this is very positive, they live & breath their MUSIC We should try and do something for them!!!!!!!!!!Regards Alan

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