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Our Coastlines Polluted With Waste

Irish Coastlines

Our Coastlines Polluted With Waste

Irish Water and Clean Coasts conducted a survey recently which has indicated that 3 in 10 adults have flushed sanitary items as well as condoms, plasters, plastic and medicine down the toilet.  About 90 percent of these people claimed to feel disgusted if they saw sewage or litter on the beach.  Last September Clean Coasts organised a clean-up where 191 cotton buds were found on three beaches.  Wildlife can mistake cotton buds as food and ingest them leading to the animal choking and possibly dying.  Annabel Fitzgerald of An Taisce said “By making small changes in our flushing behavior we can prevent the harm caused by sewage related litter in the marine environment.”

Around 81 beaches and 5 marinas have received blue flags this morning.  A blue flag indicates a standard of excellence. An Taisce administers the blue flag in Ireland on behalf of the Foundation for Environmental Education.  Beaches must have excellent water quality for over a period of four years.  In Dublin both Killiney and Sea Point have received blue flags.  Brittas Bay in Wicklow, Skerries in Finglas, and Enniscrone in Sligo had their blue flags removed this year due to their unclean water.  Beaches in Co Clare were found to be particularly clean having received 7 blue flags last year, and being awarded another two this year.  Co. Cork, Kerry, Mayo and Wexford received more blue flags this year than last year.  People need to think the next time they go to flush sanitary or other items (other than toilet paper) down the toilet. These products will end up on our beaches, and as well as affecting the cleanliness of our water, they can cause harm to our wildlife.


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