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Oliver Bond’s Woolly Jumpers!


An appeal is to be launched to find the owner of a sheep found wondering in Oliver Bond flats. A routine Garda  patrol spotted the animal being chased by a group of children in the flat complex on Wednesday night. The officers loaded the sheep into a Patrol car and transported her to Kevin Street station where she resided over night. The sheep (who has provisionally being named Bond after the flat complex) is presently a guest of the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at their facility in Rathfarnham.

The incident appears to be part of a growing phenomenon of farmyard animal abductions. A spokeswoman for the DSPCA said that this is the fourth sheep that they had to collect from the inner city over an eighteen month period and added that they had recently recovered a goat found wandering in the Tallaght area.

The flats are named after Oliver Bond, an 18th century revolutionary and wool merchant. However, despite its historical connection to the woollen trade the DSPCA   spokeswomen questioned the suitability of an inner city flat complex as a home for a sheep.


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