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New Housing Development For Inchicore Works

New Housing Development For Inchicore Works – In this article, Craig O Reilly discusses the new housing development planned for Inchicore Works as part of their “Housing For All” Plan

The Governments Housing For All plan is set to include the largest ever transfer of state land for housing. Inchicore is expected to be at the centre of this development. A new urban village hopes to facilitate up to 10,000 homes, delivered by the governments transfer of the Inchicore Ianród Eireann Train Works Depot to the LDA (Land Development Association).

The plans for Inchicore are in very early stages, but they include sites owned by CIE including the Inchicore Railway Works. Ideally, the decision to create new homes there would see an urban village serviced by the proposed underground dart, though plans for that service have been pushed back for so long it is difficult to see that link up coming to fruition any time in the near future.


Recently, the Dublin Enquirer detailed e-mails between the chief mechanical engineer and his colleagues at Irish rail, which were released under the freedom of information act to Feljin Jose, spokesperson for the Dublin Commuter Association.

The emails paint a different picture of the handover than what was reported. There seemed to be a large amount of scepticism about the straightforwardness of the housing plan and objection taken to the description of the sites as apparently not in use.

According to the emails, the plan would be to reorganise the site to reduce footfall, and if in the process land could be made available for housing then it would be put in place, but over a period of around 7 to 10 years and no less than that. It was said nothing would happen without Irish Rail’s approval.


Inchicore Railway Works recently celebrated 175 years working on Irish railways with a short film on YouTube. The video largely focuses on the Railway’s importance throughout history. The original squares and terraces outside the gates housed about 2000 people, and from its opening in 1846 it has seen great changes over the years.

In the war of independence, armoured cars were built there for the British army. There was also sabotage by the IRA, since many railway men were also involved in the fight for independence.

One of the prized possessions at the Works is kept by the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland; coach 351, built in 1906 for the visit of Edward to Ireland. It has a saloon for smoking and Waterford glass lamps, all the furniture is in hardwood, and it is seen by the society as part of the heritage of Inchicore craftsmanship.

The buildings located on site retain much of their original character, and undoubtedly any new developments could include a museum which would be in line with other plans such as the Liberties’ efforts to include historical walks and museums.


Ultimately, Housing For All is as a step in the right direction towards tackling the unavailability of housing in Ireland. Its aims are to increase ownership and make homes available at an affordable price. It will achieve this hopefully by increasing supply. People would be less reliant on the HAP scheme for instance and ideally everyone could have the expectation of owning their own house.

For the government to set out a commitment to the idea of home ownership as a need for Irish people is a good development. There does seem to be acknowledgement of the need for people to have their own homes; it was a core issue in the last election.

Ambitious plans like the urban village in Inchicore are positive, and Housing For All encompasses many different areas. That said when put into practice, unless all sides are working in tandem together, there will naturally be some confusion and scepticism over what can ultimately be delivered.


Photos by Stephen Davis




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  1. James sweeney says:

    I would not support the redevelopment of the works, Its an essential part of the railway Infrastructure , and will be at the hub in suporting the developing the railway in to the future.

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