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New Computer Classes At The Fountain

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Computers are unavoidable these days, the libraries we use no longer hold paper references but digital ones, the blackboard in our schools has been replaced by a glass screen, our most personal details live on hospital hard drives. The internet as a phenomenon that has changed how we think about music, movies, games, information and communication.

It was easier to avoid the digital age even a few years ago but that day is gone. The world of computers can be an intimating place for the person with no experience of them and its true there is a lot going on behind the plastic casing. As a result computer illiteracy is rising as people are too embarrassed or think that they are just not capable of this new technology.

Computer illiteracy in the past was just thought of as a minor C.V problem but now as computers become more and more prevalent in our society, it is beginning to be seen as debilitating a trait as regular illiteracy.

Which is why the Fountain Resource Group has begun its own computer lessons, free to all, taught by a professional teacher. The classes have been running since December with three operational classes on a Monday being taught at present. The classes are small (no more than 5 people per class) so they are not intimating and allow for more individual attention from the teacher. They are located in the FRG main office (St James’ Presbytery) and make no presumptions about how advanced a person is with computers, they start right at the base and continue until people have a functioning knowledge of computers.

One student said “Kevin (the teacher) is lovely he’s very patient and there’s no pressure and he really explains to you how do, he’s very clear and the rest of the class are so nice, I was really worried before coming here, but I’m really glad I came! I didn’t think I’d get this good so quick!”

If you know someone who would like to sign up or want to sign up yourself ring Eoghan at 01-4532936

IMAGE: Generic Computer Keyboard Image – image credit: Espensorvik/Flickr

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