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Mediation – For A Desired Resolution

mediation shaking handsNeighbouring community group S.I.C.C.D.A (South Inner City Community Development Association) has established a free mediation service based on their premises on 90 Meath Street (beside the church). The mediators, all trained professionally are volunteers from the area. The service has grown from strength to strength and no case is too large or too small.

What is mediation?

Mediation is form of dispute resolution, were by the disputant parties are brought in first individually to explain their side in the argument to the mediators and then together in a joint meeting where they can speak freely in a calm environment. Mediation, unlike other forms of conflict resolution gives power to both disputants; there is no judge or adjudicator who will impose their will on the proceedings. Instead, both disputants arrive at an agreement they can both be happy with, the mediators are there to facilitate this by questioning and by ensuring that everyone has a chance to speak.

Who is it for?

Mediation is for anyone in a dispute with another person or possibly entity. This can be work colleagues, neighbours, family members, employers and in certain instances companies. It can be initiated by either party so long as the other party agrees to meet. Mediators act as a “go between”, one party makes contact the organisation (in this case S.I.C.C.D.A), the mediators will interview that person to ascertain their point of view. They then try and make contact with the other disputant, who, pending if they agree to it, will then meet up with mediators and also do an interview (usually 40 minutes always less than an hour). Finally, both parties meet together in a joint meeting (no more than two hours) with the mediators who chair the meeting and a non-legally binding written agreement is signed if there is consensus.

What are its benefits?

Firstly, its free, Southside Mediation (S.I.C.C.D.A) do not charge anyone who wants to use the service.

Secondly, unlike long drawn out legal proceedings, mediation generally leads to rapid settlements. Each disputant only has to attend two meetings.

Thirdly, Disputants are generally happier with the outcome as they have arrived at it themselves, as a result settlements generally last.

Fourthly, mediation leads implemental and practical solutions to ongoing disputes, no legalise, no awkward arrangements. Just practical solutions.

The mediator team are impartial, they do not take sides, they are confidential, only if someone is at risk of harm do they reveal information to authorities, they are independent, not a state service.

As one of those volunteer mediators, I can say that it is an excellent service that has led to reconciliation and progress in situations which it didn’t seem likely before.

If you would like to contact the mediation service ring Barbara at 01 453 6098, alternatively you can email or visit the premises at 90 Meath Street (in the Church grounds), opening hours Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Don’t let things fester, there is a better way.

Eoghan Brunkard – Southside Mediation

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