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Liberties Fun Run

Liberties Fun Run

The 13th annual Liberties fun run in aid of St James’ s Hospital is due to take place on the 1st of September. It’s expected that up to 1000 people will take the run through old and historic quarters of the city. The 4 mile race has attracted huge numbers of participants every year, but it was unknown until recently whether this year’s race would go ahead. Now, with the event taking place a little later than usual, people can sign up for either a virtual or a physical race.

All the proceeds will be used in the St James fight against cancer which is celebrating its 50 year anniversary. This year’s fundraising is going towards Ireland’s first ever chemotherapy compound unit robot. This technology will allow automation of the process of chemotherapy preparation, making delivery of the treatment more accurate. It will give them increased capability to take on clinical trials, potentially developing future treatments. It also can be operated by one team member, doing 80% of the work of what previously took a whole team. So far they’ve raised €250,000 towards the needed €800,000 cost of the robot.

Each year there are over 40,000 people diagnosed with cancer in Ireland, and St James is at the forefront of that fight, with the largest cancer centre in the country.

As for the race itself, people can sign up for a virtual run, which allows you to take the run to any location, at your own pace, whether on a treadmill or in local parks. Those who opt to take the physical run, will run through some of the most famous sites in the liberties including Fatima, St James’s Gate, The Coombe and Francis St. It seems like the perfect way to get out and about again after a difficult year indoors, and this year’s run will help a fantastic cause.


Those looking to sign up and learn more can visit:


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