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Kilmainham Celebrating Our Past

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Kilmainham Celebrating Our Past

Though this news is somewhat late (I was caught napping), it should not go without some attention. The team at the High Road and Kilmainham Lane Residents Association have renovated the former side address to Kilmainham Mill.  The mill has a history going back several centuries and will certainly be the focus of a local history article in the months to come on, sadly, it has over the last few years fallen into disrepair.


As can be seen from the above image, it was simply something tourists walked past on their way to Kilmainham Gaol  from Guinness Brewery. However, the High Road and Kilmainham Lane Residents Association have employed the skills of Mayo born artist Sean Rushe to lovingly create something beautiful for residents and tourists travelling the Dubline to marvel at and enjoy.

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In a well attended ceremony presided over by the Lord Mayor Criona Ni Dhahaigh on Saturday September 19th, the wonderful artwork and commemorative plaque was unveiled.  To me, this is a perfect example of the type of initiative community organisations and local residents associations should try to establish in their own areas. We live in one of the oldest and most historically significant parts of Dublin, with imagination and research into our rich cultural history, we can beautify and proudly boast about our area, and none of it needs to break the bank.

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Well done to Maurice Coen and the people of the High Road & Kilmainham Lane Residents Association for putting such solid work in for their area.

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  1. Maurice Coen says:

    Thanks Eoin. Fantastic but of input for us. Sean did us very proudly on the day. A lot of work went into this project and I’d like to thank all the local businesses that chipped in to help. FRG Thank you.

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