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Jape at the Tower


Jape at the Tower – In this article, Alan Finn talks about Irish Electronica sensation Jape’s new album “The Chemical Sea”’s Danielle was gracious enough to invite me to Dublin’s indie electronica sensation, Jape, who were performing in Tower Records on Dawson Street last Saturday in promotion of their new album titled “The Chemical Sea”. Becoming ever familiar as I am with this record store/coffee shop, I still managed to come a little late, the well crowded store was as plain a testament to the band’s growing popularity. Fronted by Richie Egan, who is also the principle songwriter and recent Stockholm resident (Scandinavia must be good for the creative process) the band’s latest offering is well worth the price.    The album is full of catchy and bouncy tunes, somewhat of a cross between Alt J and Scooter, and if I may be so bold The Pet Shop Boys, that could be me just showing my age though!


 The 11 track collection show cases many varying styles and brings into question why at one stage the State broadcaster thought that this band was lacking.  My own particular favourite is the single “Séance of Light”.  The video for which is quite funny, though as an anti-drug community group we can’t promote the content too much, but you will laugh at the opening scenes just the same. The chorus has an ethereal quality to it and the message of our present economic climate stark and honest.  If you listen to one of their tracks please make it this one, it will reel you in to this excellent ensemble also comprising Glenn Keating, Matthew Bolger and Neil O’Connor (sorry guys for not mentioning you till now!).  While titular track “This Chemical Sea” is an excellent piece of electronica, I would be completely remised in not mentioning the ridiculously addictive “The Heart’s Desire”. The track is currently on loop on mp3 player and has something of a Stone Roses feel to it.


As was to be expected with a professional outfit, the live performance matched the quality of the band’s recent release.  I was glad to catch the lads before they embarked on their album tour, but for those not so lucky, they will be playing at the Academy on Thursday 19th February, here in Dublin.  Tickets are available at and are from €15.00 plus booking fee. By all means its worth the few quid, check them out.

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