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If The Walls Could Talk


The Digital Hub has become a business centre that is growing rapidly. New and innovative technology and web-based companies are joining the Hub every year.

Technology and the internet is still a fairly new development, but the Hub is hiding something older – Ireland’s oldest fruit bearing pear tree.

Last week the pear tree became a part of a new public art installation, bearing the name ‘If The Walls Could Talk’. A bit of the bark for a bronze cast was stripped from the tree and will be set in the footpath on Thomas Street.

Thomas Street is a very busy tourist area, with visitors enjoying excursions to the Guinness Storehouse and Factory, St. James’ Church and the new distilleries in the Liberties area every day, and is the ideal location for something like this.

This will become a ‘Holly wood Boulevard’ to the Liberties, that will most definitely catch the eyes of many.

Dublin City Council and Failte Ireland commissioned the two-part public art project and asked artist James L.Hayes, and art historian and curator, Dr. Kirsty North, to work on this very unique project.

It will showcase a series of bronze paving slabs, casted from actual surfaces taken from the Liberties area, and the bronze cast of the bark of the pear tree that still stands at the foot of St. Patrick’s Tower.

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