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Homeless in Dublin Winter Count 2015

Winter Homelessness

Homeless in Dublin Winter Count 2015

On the 30th November 2015, 120 volunteers and staff from homeless services, took to the streets of Dublin to count those who are sleeping rough. The number have certainly gone down since 2014; it has been estimated that it has gone down by 54%. The official count said 91 people were sleeping rough on the evening of the 30th November 2015. Of these, the majority were from the age group 31-40, accounting for 41% of the 91.

There are more homeless men than females on the streets. The count revealed that 81% of the 91 people are men and 19% are female. Compared to spring 2015, the numbers have gone down for this winter; during the spring 105 people were without anywhere to sleep.

In 2014 the amount of rough sleepers counted were 168, which was the highest number since 2007, when there were only104 homeless counted. During the winter of 2009 only 60 people were counted as sleeping rough, that was the lowest number of rough sleepers for the period 2007 -2015.

Every six months The Dublin Region Homeless Executive does an official count to confirm how many people are sleeping on the streets. This is done so that they can see if plans that have been put in motion to curb homelessness are working.


What is a Rough Sleeper?

Rough sleepers are people who do not have anywhere to sleep. They are homeless and in most cases have no family or friends who can take care of them. Sadly, it has become an acceptable solution to your problem (if you have no-where to sleep) to take a sleeping bag and find a doorway or a dark corner, where there is some form of roofing for keeping the rain out.



What is being done about this?


Last month a new shelter called Brú Aimstir opened for people who need beds for the night. There are 100 beds in the facility and food and cleaning facilities are provided. Shelters like these are opening all over the city centre to help solve the problem of homelessness.


Other Key Findings of the Report were:

Of the 65 persons known to services, 94% (61) met on the count, are engaging with the On Street Housing First Team.  Thirty of the individuals that were counted as homeless are persistent in their rough sleeping and do not access available emergency accommodation.

There has been a 3.71% increase in bed capacity since November 2014. An additional 1,569 beds were put in place over the 12 month period since November 2014. On the night of the Winter Count, 3,766 beds were occupied, that included adults and children. The Winter Count in 2014 revealed that 2,197 beds were occupied.

On the night of the count, 61 persons accessed The Merchants Quay Ireland Night Café facility. The Night Café operates as an access point into emergency accommodation for persons who might otherwise be at risk of rough sleeping.

Of the 91 persons sleeping rough: 73 were male, 16 were female and 2 were unknown; 71 were Irish, 6 were non-Irish and 34 were unknown; 13 were aged 18-30 years, 33 were aged 31-40, 17 were aged 41-50, 5 were aged 51-60, 4 were aged 61+ and 19 were unknown.

Though these results are encouraging a lot more has to be achieved for the homeless people of our State.  It should also be remembered that the Winter count is only one night and though useful, it still is only a snapshot.

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  1. Chris turner says:

    The count was of rough sleepers not homeless people just because someone gets a bed in a hostel after ringing a freephone number at half ten at night does not mean they should be discluded from the count.

    The bru opened on the same night as the official count

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