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Guinness Opens Experimental Brewery Visitors Centre

The Open Gate Brewery

Guinness Opens Experimental Brewery Visitors Centre

Guinness launched “The Open Gate Brewery” visitors centre at St James Gate today. The experimental brewery has been exploring different beers for almost over a hundred years now. It is the place where Guinness creates many different stouts to find the right fit for the Guinness family of beers.

The brewers will be showcasing their skills on Thursday and Friday evenings. Visitors had the privilege to speak to the 30 in house brewers about the brewing process and their years of experimentation in their craft on Tuesday.

At the launch today, Guinness Brewer Peter Simpson said “We feel extremely lucky to work in The Open Gate Brewery because my fellow brewers and I are given free rein to regularly explore and create new beers in small batches. There is huge interest in beer nowadays so it’s exciting to open the doors to the public, give people a look inside our world, and of course share some batches of experimental beers that we are working on.”

The small bar area is rustic and intimate. The bar features an inside view into the brewery where you can see the shining drums and a staircase ascending into the brewing area.

A small bar counter with lists of beers and their alcohol content written on chalk boards, and high tables and vats to hang around at, while enjoying the small glasses of newly brewed beer, looks upon the brewers’ secret haven; a place that has never before been revealed to members of the public until today.

The latest Brewers Project beers such as Guinness West Indies Porter, Guinness Dublin Porter and Hop House 13 Lager will be served at the bar. Visitors will also get to buy Guinness stout on tap and taste the new Guinness Nitro IPA.  Also available will be small batches of earlier samples of beers that were part of the process to getting to established brands we know and love, as well as Guinness beers never tasted in Ireland before.

The Open Gate Brewery will only open to the public in the next few weeks between 5.30 pm and 10.30 pm on the Thursday and Friday evenings. Bookings will be taken to accommodate small groups of people. For €6 visitors and guests will get to taste four samples of beers and get to meet some of the brewers personally to ask them questions about Guinness and how a stout is made.

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