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Greyhound Services to Change


Greyhound Services to Change

Local residents living in Fatima and Rialto were informed on the 10th of February that from the first week of July of this year, changes to their rubbish collections will be imposed.

Greyhound has sent representatives around to inform local people that from the first week of July, customers will have to use wheelie bins, instead of the currently used stickers system. This change will be a big problem for people who live in the old houses in the Dublin 8 area as a lot of them have no side entrance to wheel a bin in or out.  In addition, some residents’ door frames will not be wide enough should they have to wheel the bins through their house. Residents feel they can’t leave a wheelie bin outside their houses as it will only attract local teenagers who may steal the bin or at worst set it on fire. Greyhound where on Mallin Ave, in Rialtlo today knocking on people’s door’s telling them about the new changes.

A lot of old houses on Mallin Ave and cottages in Rialtlo will have no way of getting their rubbish collected by Greyhound after the 1st of July if they go ahead with these new changes. Local residents have hit out at Greyhound, saying they were not consulted about these changes, till today. If Greyhound had alerted them to the changes by post they could of have sat down and tried to work out a compromise.

Or if Greyhound had researched the area more closely before they tried to make these changes. They would have realised that some resident’s have a problem having no side entrance.

Your favourite online digital newswire, the Fountain, tried to contact Greyhound, to gain a comment on the views expressed by local residents but unfortunately, as of time of publishing, they have not replied.

At the moment, residents who have no Wheelie Bins, buy stickers from their local shops. Greyhound want to put a stop to these stickers, bags, in favour of the wheelie bins, if that goes ahead, residents will not only have to pay to get their rubbish lifted, but also pay for their bin per lift. As it stands you can buy 3 stickers, or 3 Greyhound bags, for under €12.00, if they do away with that local residents will have to pay that extra to have their rubbish taken away by Greyhound. The shops, who sell these tags, bags, including some Post Offices, will also lose some customers.

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