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Annual Fountain Resource Group Fun Day

Annual Fountain Resource Group Fun Day                                  

Basin Street Fun day 2014 017

The Basin Street Flat Complex football pitch played host to the Annual Fountain Resource Group Fun Day held by the FRG.  Children from as far as Oliver Bond and the surroundings areas came to Basin Street for the fun day.  Two tables were set up providing face painting for all the little pirates, spidermans and somewhat more abstract designs. Three bouncy castles provided hours of entertainment for the kids.  The kids also enjoyed a disco hosted by local youth worker Stephen with plenty of burgers, sausages, juice and candy floss provided by Betty and Nicola.  Thank God no one was sick!

Basin Street Fun day 2014 132

The day will be remembered for being the first Annual Community Fun Day that was dry!  Unlike previous years, the Heavens did not open up and people were able to enjoy the good weather.

Basin Street Fun day 2014 031

The Fountain has been providing these fun days for number years.  It marks the end of the summer project.  It is arranged not just for the kids but to act as an interface for people of the community and the organisation. One lady who wished not to be named said it’s fabulous to have a party for the children as at times the only negative news gets reported giving the area a bad name.

All hands where on deck, most of the Fountain’s team were keeping a watchful eye on the children or keeping the place clean.

Basin Street Fun day 2014 089

To finish of the day the children were given a goodie bag, which included crisps, jellies, lolly pops, etc and just in time as the first rain drops of the day began to fall!  Not this year!

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