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Lovely Night At The New Open Gate Brewery



Lovely Night At The New Open Gate Brewery

Last night, the Open Gate Brewery had their second event to celebrate their opening of the gates to the public. The evening started off with starters, and Baby Gem and Blue Cheese Candied Walnuts, Silver Hill Duck Confit and Pickled Mackerel Fillets floating around the room. For mains Thai Green Prawn Curry, Irish Beef Meatballs and 3 Bean Stew was served. And then of course there was no end to the Guinness.

Steve McKelly Marketing Director of Guinness Europe, was speaking at last night’s event, welcoming guests and was saying, “Eighteen months ago we decided that we wanted to really unlock a new existing chapter for Guinness. Guinness is a fantastic brewery, but in the context of everything that is happening in the beer world we wanted to take it to a new level.”

“I guess we opened our gates metaphorically speaking through content – to telling the stories of the breweries. The next logically step was to actually fiscally let people into this place. When you work for Diageo, when you drive thought the gates of St James’s Gate, even if it is early on a Monday morning, you still feel that thrill of coming into a really special place. Such a sense of history, such a sense of achievement, and something that is so Irish. First thing we wanted to do, is to allow other people to feel what we feel when we’re coming here. So I guess this being the reason for the choice of this location. The fact that you can walk in right of the road, no passes needed, no security, no health and safety risks – you come in here to get the feeling.”

The plant is seven storeys’ high and there is an opening at the top of the building that marks the top floor. The experimental brewery has been working on new innovations since the 60’s. Inside where the public will be allowed to enter is open, with no glass panels and gives you the feeling that you are virtually there with the brewers; it is real and authentic. During the day the plant is fully operational.

The Open Gate Brewery will be opening over the coming weeks, but you will have to book online. There will be Guinness on tap and up to 5 beers never sold anywhere else before and the new Guinness Nitro IPA that was launched in the States a few weeks ago is also available. It is a real honour being let through the gates of Guinness. I often walk past the Gates in the mornings and afternoons on my way to work, wondering what lurks behind those metres of high wall, now I don’t have to anymore. The secret is out…

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