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Spooky Dublin

Spooky Dublin

1. Marsh’s Library

This 18th-century building is home to the ghost of its founder Archbishop Narcissus Marsh.

His ghostly apparition is said to search the library for a letter hidden there by his niece.

His niece Grace eloped at the age of nineteen with a sea captain, leaving the letter explaining her disappearance is hidden in one of the thousands of books.

Narcissus never found it and he still searches for it to this day.


    1. The Black Church

Said to be a gateway to hell.

If you want to meet Old Nick run around the church three times at midnight, walk in reverse thirteen times or say our Lord’s prayer backward.


    1. Copper Alley

Once the home of Maiden Tower brothel and its madam Dorcas Kelly, alleged witch, and serial killer.

Convicted of the murder of John Dowling on St Patrick’s day 1760, she was burned at the stake on Gallows Road (Baggot Street)


    1. Bully’s Acre

Located in the grounds of Kilmainham hospital and a graveyard for over a thousand years.

It was at one time a plague graveyard and the haunt of body-snatchers.

Grave robbing was so prevalent at one time in this graveyard that it’s trees were said to be full of the discarded shrouds of the stolen bodies.



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