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From The Vaults: Fountain News – August 1998 (Issue 5.5)

Archived News - Fountain News, August 1998 (front cover)

Looking back…

Many moons ago Fountain Resource Group news was distributed by a medium known as “paper”, much like the ancient Egyptians used papyrus, this substance was soft, and could be manipulated easily by the natives as a recording substance. The notorious Derek Freeney was a famed record keeper during this early period in our development, as well as being a high priest of star reading and necromancy. In recent times, these records have been rediscovered by brave archaeologists who have ventured into the unknowns of our back office. These ancient “newspapers” give valuable insight into the thinking of the times. In this series of articles, I hope to explore these past narratives to share with the reader what Dublin was like in the distant 1990s.

First up going back to August 1998, we see that our organisation won the FÁS community initiative award, a proud day for everyone in the organisation to be sure. FÁS has since become part of history itself though its work lives on through the Department of Social Protection and Intreo. The photo on the next page reveals a young Helen Meehan, Tom and Betty Brunkard and Fr Ivan Tonge who has since left the parish. Sadly, there have been some dear felt loses since then including Christine Freeney and Pat Keane, we still miss their absence to this day.

Armageddon had just been released in the cinemas (nobody knew yet how bad it would be although our previous editor seems to think it was worthy of movie of the month! Great editor, bad taste in films). Resident Evil 2 was 50 pounds on the Playstation One, huge money! There was good news on the national front as the LUAS tram system got permission to start development in Tallaght in early 2000.

Archived News - Fountain News, August 1998 (page 2)

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