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Tom’s Rich Cristmas Cake ( round tin 20cm)



350g raisins

400g sultanas

80g flaked almonds

150g whole cherries

120g candied peel

100ml rum

200g cream flour

2 heaped tsp mixed spice

60g ground almonds

180 g demerar unrefined brown sugar

180g irish creamery butter

1 large tbsp treacle

4 large eggs


1. Put raisins, sultanas, candied peel, whole cherries and flaked almonds in a bowl. Mix thoroughly together with 100 ml of rum. Cover and leave over night, giving it the occasional stir

2. Siv flour. Mix the mixed spice through it.

3. Then mix ground almonds through that mixture.

4. Place 4 eggs and gradually add in demera sugar into liquidiser untill all is thoroughly disolved. Add in treacle. When thoroughly mixed, next gradually add the butter, until you have a creamy liquid.

5. Mix this liquid with the flour/spice mixture thoroughly with wooden spoon. Then add the fruit mixture and mix together.

6. Double line in a round tin 20cm with butter grease proof paper. On the outside of the tin, put a double layer of brown paper and secure with twine. Put cake mixture into the grease proof paper lined tin. Spread evenly on top. Cover tin with lid of brown paper. Put into oven, cook cake at gas mark 1 for approx 4 hours. Ensure cake is cooked by inserting skewer into the centre until it comes out clean.

 I hope you enjoy this Tom Brunkard


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  1. Alan Finn says:

    Tom that looks lovely you make it look so easy

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