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Mind, Body And Spirit Fair

Mind, Body & Spirit Fair, Dublin, Ireland

Over the bank holiday in October last I went to the Mind, Body & Spirit show which was over at the (R.D.S) in Ballsbridge.

Myself and my mate Jackie and her daughter Joy went, as I like this subject I was keen to see what was on offer.

The first fee that we paid was for the car to be parked on the grounds that was €6.00 which was for the duration that we were inside. The second fee was €15.00 each for me and Jackie, Joy who was 13 got in for free, so before we got in it cost us €36.00 which was a bit stiff considering we had to pay for most of the items that was on offer. It may have been a festival about the Mind, Body and Spirit but the financial driven motives that surround us in this world once again prevailed.

There were still free workshops and music by South American Red Indians this was a real treat, I have three off their CDs at home and I use them for relaxing, it was nice to see them in action. The place was teeming with alternative thinking people also enjoying this less than usual sound.

Though, the event had many astrologers present, I had the privilege of meeting one of Ireland’s best known, Fergal Gibbons. I found him to be a very pleasant man to converse with, he was both sincere and earnest. I felt Fergus was just an ordinary man the type who could live next door too with a wonderful gift. He gave me great insights into the mysterious world of astrology; the approach he took to reading the stars was almost like an unspoken science.

What struck me as strange (and keeping with the already established emphasises on money making), Fergus, who was actually there on behalf of charity was pushed to the side of the main exhibition. While all the mediums, astrology card readers, angel/past/present readers who were there to sell their services for their own private purposes were given priority in location. The truth be known that unless you were looking for Fergus, the chances of you finding his stall were slim. It’s a shame really had Fergus been up at the top where most of the mediums where perhaps more cash could have been raised for charity.

While I was there I bought myself an Indian head massager and a dowser. The Indian head massager is very easy to use you put it on top of your head and push down and pull it back up, you do this over a period of time. The belief is any wasted negative energy is been literally pulled out of your head, and any new positive energy that’s been created with the Indian massager replaces it in your head. I find this tool surprisingly great for getting the stress out of your body. The next time you are out walking around put a hat or cap on you and you will notice once your head is warm the rest of your body will follow, take off your hat, cap and you will feel the heat escaping through your head.

The workshops at the fair were of a good quality, I was present for one on the idea of dowsing, a form of deviation based on the premise that a small device (usually a two pronged stick) can be used to answer questions of the future. A colourful character, named Sid, gave two workshops on how to use the dowser. This is a very good tool it will answer “no” by swinging the dowser from left to right, or it will answer “yes” by nodding the dowser as you would do by doing it with your head. The mysticism behind the dowser is fascinating the dowser is believed to have a persona all on its own, as all dowser are different. Once you find one you need to ask its permission, if it’s ok with you using it. I know loads of people who use these devices as an everyday tool.

The event was fascinating, and if approached with an open mind, a great learning experience.

Till the next time.

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