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Managing Work Place Stress

We are living in that time where everyone is busy in race, race for money, status, tries to be best and try to get the best.

For those purpose we need good source of income some people do job and some go towards the business.

Whatever you choose for betterment of your lives you always set your goals in your profession and try to achieve as soon as possible.

To achieve all that you will always be in stress.

Generally businessmen follow business strategies according to their choice. But when we work in organization then we always work as a team member and we have follow organization’s rules. In that situations there are more chances to get stressed. this is affective for physical and mental health and of course work performance.

Here we are discussing how we can manage our work place stress.


According to the World Health Organization, one in five people experience mental health problems in the workplace. Untreated mental disorders result in diminished productivity at the workplace, significant time off work (absenteeism), increase in workplace conflicts, job burnout and high turnover.       

The question is what how can we do to manage stress and overcome depression and anxiety? People usually find quick-fix solutions to counter stress and anxiety, According to a case study report of employee hard task or stressful nature jobs (call centre, Marketing, phone-banking etc) that 10 percent of employees take time off from work to cope with depression. Other solutions that employees may resort to alleviate stress include poor eating habits, excessive caffeine intake and substance addiction, such as tobacco and drugs.

Solutions to the mental health crisis which can help improve employees’ well-being are necessary. Individuals can develop habits that help support their own mental health.

In case of extreme anger and frustration, mental health supporters advise daily exercise/walk and good sleep. Another way to lower stress, they recommends, is to keep a punching pillow. Whenever anger builds up inside, take a few deep breaths for five minutes and then punch it out on the pillow; later take more deep breaths for 10 minutes. When you take out your physical aggression, for mental peace you can take a small loo break, listen to a soothing song or talk to a friend to lessen work pressure.

Organization’s managers and supervisors need to focus on mental health and employees’ well-being above performance expectations. Most of the time, managers are lowly trainees themselves, and due to pressure from their own superiors to meet targets, there is rarely any time left for them to show compassion to subordinates. mental health supporters suggest that training of managers related to managing mental health be made mandatory. (Mental health first aid is basically a course which will help managers to notice employees who may be experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress and can provide them support.) This training is aimed to help improve work environment and also spot early warning signs among staff.

Also, regular employee feedback can actually boost job satisfaction. “If performance is low, there is a need to monitor the reason and work on it, instead of scolding employees. Give them a little time and ask them if they need help because only small, caring words do the trick,”

According to the American Psychiatric Association, co-workers can help create a supportive atmosphere in a workplace. Pay attention to your co-workers’ noticeable behavioral changes — are they overtired, irritated or sad? Talk to your colleagues and hear them out. Moreover, share any resources that can offer your colleagues additional help.

Mental health supporters emphasize that organizations should invest in part-time counsellors. However, sometimes the counsellors are there but team leaders are hesitant to let go of their subordinates for an hour. With the help of psychologists and public health specialists, periodic examination can be conducted for early detection of mental illness and other lifestyle diseases among call centre agents. Finally, they recommend that employees pursue a hobby that makes them happy as well as following a healthy lifestyle.

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